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There are many online resellers in today's market but very few will test the products as we do. We know the "ins" and "outs" of each item we sell. We can assist with any installation questions.

Our Apex seals have been tested in methanol powered cars as well as gasoline powered cars, from C16 to E85. We build our engines inhouse and can assist with any clearancing questions. We not only test our products on a dynometer but also on the dragstrip and street.

Buy from Rxparts.com with confidence. Why buy from us? We support our products. Contact us and we will get back to you in a timely manner and answer any questions you have.

We would like to thank our customers for their support. We would like to thank the record breaking, worlds fastest 3/4 chassis 13B in the world "LA OTRA " for their continued support with our seals and other parts running their best time of 6.8@201MPH

We would like to thank the fastest rotary IRS record holder "ENZO RACING" for their continued support using our seals.

We would also like to thank the street cars, ERNIET, ANTHONYNYC, SPEEDTEK, etc for supporting our seals in their street/drag cars.


Contact us at rxpartsonline@gmail.com for any questions on the products we offer.

Throttle Body Complete Kit

- Kit includes 4 barrell Throttle body, 4 barrell intake manifold, top hat with center sealing stud, v band kit. (We sell individual parts separately as well, email us for details)

PRICE: $1800.00


MRXParts Apex Seals 2 MM

These are the same Apex Seals used by the record setting "La Otra"

- Six 2mm RxParts Apex Seals for 13B. These are the seals used in some of the fastest Rotaries in the world. These seals are designed not to break, they will warp before causing any damage. These seals will handle a higher EGT than other seals on the market. Keep in mind that EGTs for cars running methanol are much lower than cars running gas (C16, Q16 etc)

PRICE: $500.00